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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Celebrating Father's Day

These are a few pictures I snapped of Quinn and Michael on Father's Day:

So goes a photo shoot with an uncooperative 16 month old. He's cute, though, nonetheless, don't you think? Well, of course, I think they are BOTH cute!

The Basics

Michael and Talina Ripper met online and when they met in person, they knew they had found something special, a once in a lifetime love. Michael obtained BFAs in both Wood Design and Ceramics from ECU. Talina has always been a creative/artistic spirit, but has her BSN from ETSU and still works as an RN. Talina has three sons, Seth (17), Aaron (8), and Jacob (7). Michael and Talina have a son together, Quinn, who is 17 months. They are getting settled in their downtown loft just around the corner from Michael's studio and the gallery. Their dream of living their art is coming true!


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