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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Date Pushed Back

Our loft move in date is now June 2nd. So we have 6 more days. I don't believe I have shown you the artist's rendering of the facade. Let me show you the "before" photo, so you can get the maximum "wow!" effect of the after photo.

Go ahead and say it, "Whew! That is S-C-A-R-Y!"

This is the artist's rendering/sketch, then the computerized version:

Are you WOWED??? I was. I can see slow, steady progress on the outside. Windows are only in on the third floor. We will actually be moving in before the building is completely finished. The third floor will be done, the second will follow 2-4 weeks after, then the first floor will be finished last. It should be interesting! I can't wait! We got to pick ceiling fan blade shades (dark vs. light) and our pendant lighting over the kitchen island. We have bathroom faucets purchased. Michael is helping the plumber install the master vanity today. I will share pictures, likely right before we move in. Again credit to Urban Synergy. :)


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Products in Our Etsy Shop

Michael has cool new RECYCLED cutting boards in our Etsy shop! They are so beautiful it is hard to believe they were scraps of oak hardwood flooring! Just click on the photos to go to the product page.

We also just listed this cute little air dried black walnut board with exposed bark. Go to the product page to read more.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Finally! More Racks by the Tracks...

Pictures! I can't believe I don't have any pictures of my Aaron. He was there. He actually took this picture of Jacob:

Quinn just stared at us as we ate ribs--really good ribs. Aaron, who didn't like ribs, decided that day, he DID, after all, like ribs. He said, "Ribs are better than steak!"

So, we decided to let Quinn try ribs too:

Lastly, a picture of us...

And my friend, Kim just sent me this link to more pics online: Check out the second picture. :)


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Etsy Feature Wednesday

I know, I know, I said I would post more Racks by the Tracks pictures today. But I keep forgeting my camera at home, therefore, the photos have still not been downloaded to my laptop. Since I have no photos to share, I'd like to share with you some recent Etsy finds...

I have previously posted about metime, a fellow Etsian who is local and makes handmade soaps, including laundry soap. At the time, I had yet to try the laundry soap. I had requests to post again when I had actually used it. I have finished a bag (32 loads) and am meeting Margaret today to buy more! I just LOVE it! It cleans well, smells good, is affordable, and all the while, I am supporting LOCAL and HANDMADE!!! You can't beat that! So, I highly recommend this laundry soap. I do find that my clothing is softer if I can catch the washer in the rinse cycle and add a bit of white vinegar. I am washing Quinn's clothes in it as well, with no sensitivities noted.

I have been a 4x repeat customer of spoolofplenty. Now, I can't show you what I have bought, because it is for the loft. I want to do a series of blog posts about the finished loft when the time comes... But, in the meantime, please check out Angela's shop. She is amazing! If Quinn wasn't already attached to his blanket, I would buy him one of her rag quilt "loveys." Angela is SUPER to work with on custom orders. Fabulous customer communication and service!

Another Etsian who I have purchased from is Cherry Creek Charms. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the pieces in person, but I have heard from my sister that my niece Emma just loved her soccer charm and necklace that I bought her for her birthday. You can see the sports charms in Heather's shop here. Take the time to browse around there is a lot to see! Her leaf imprint charms are my favorite!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Loft Update -- The Countdown Begins

10 days to go until planned move in! It is hard to keep track of the progress because things are moving so quickly. Floors finished. Or at least here is a picture of them with one coat on. I was told the second coat will be cured in the morning. And below are pictures of the master vanity Michael is building and the loft with the windows in and base cabinets in the kitchen installed. I can't wait for more of the "pretty" stuff to get done. This is when it gets EXCITING!


Racks by the Tracks

Michael and Talina (Quinn in the background)

I am at the gallery today, and I have left my camera at home. Here I said that I would post pics on Monday, and it is Tuesday! Needless to say, I have yet to download my photos, but I have two to share with you that my friend Kim took. You can see little Quinn wandering in the background in the photo of me and Michael. The smaller photo below is me and Kim.

We had a great time at Racks by the Tracks! Sales weren't so great, though. I have read in the Etsy Forums that music festivals tend not to be great selling events for artisans/crafters. People go to festivals to eat, drink, listen to music... Enjoy hanging out, if you will, not spending money. Like I said, though, we had a great time. Talina and KimKingsport has definitely changed (for the better). It is all about community. We are now looking forward to Twighlight Alive and Bluegrass on Broad. Our next festival is the Blue Plum in downtown Johnson City. I am hoping that we will do better as far as sales. A fellow Etsian who is a potter, said she sold out last year. That would be a nice problem to have! Tomorrow, I will post a loft update. Thursday more Racks by the Tracks photos!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Come out and see us today!

Racks by the Tracks, Downtown Kinsgsport on E. Main Street, Saturday, May 16th from 3pm to 8pm. Ribs, blues and beer. I have made beer glass cozies per the suggestion of Angela Vachon and help from Paul and Amber Vachon. I will post some pictures on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!


Friday, May 15, 2009

Loft Progress

Wow! Things are moving fast, now, and we are told that inspection will be May 25th! Michael is working on our bathroom vanities as I type. Yesterday morning we walked over to Urban Synergy to look at paint samples. I then went to the loft and snapped these pictures. The lighting is terrible, so forgive me. Windows are going in! Yay!

The ambrosia maple vanity top for the master bath (it's unfinished):

A peek at the hardwood floors sanded, but unfinished... Yep, original.

Windows going in...


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gallery Opening a HUGE Success!

A special thanks to everyone who helped set up and serve. We appreciate every one's kind words and well wishes. And for those of you who came out to support us on opening night, well, words don't quite seem adequate in expressing our thanks and appreciation. We had a great turnout! We'd especially like to recognize Tony Vines who played for us. Our facebook page has more photos for you to see!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jeffrey Stoner

My photography feature this week is a photographer that will be showing/selling his work in the gallery. He is a very talented artist! Visit his web site to see slide shows of his work. Visit his blog to hear the story behind the picture. Jeff is also on facebook and Twitter.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Write up on A!

Go to this link:

And read below (post from earlier today).


Gallery Opening!!!

Cindy Saadeh Fine Art is having a gallery opening reception this Friday, May 8th. I can't believe the day is almost here! In actuality, we've been open for almost 3 weeks (3 weeks on Saturday to be exact). Michael continues to work feverishly in his studio and is constantly being pulled away to do this or that (sorry, baby) in the gallery, so, needless to say, there hasn't been much creating... But he has made some cheese knives and cutting boards. We will be at the Racks by the Tracks in Downtown Kingsport next weekend. I have been creating these cool crochet cozies to sell and Michael will have cutting boards, and I am hoping some cool wooden coasters as well. The only other events on the calendar is Blue Plum Festival and then Kingsport's Summer Concert Series (Twilight Alive on Thursdays and Bluegrass on Broad on Fridays). I'm sure the latter will keep us VERY busy. Anyway, come fall, I hope that we will be having OUR gallery opening for Ripper Arts. :) To follow us on facebook: Cindy Saadeh Fine Art and Ripper Arts Studio and Gallery Are you on facebook? Become a fan!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday is Family Day

Well, I haven't stuck to my daily topics as planned, but hey, life doesn't always go according to plans. This weekend was Seth's prom. Here is a picture of me and him that his best friend's dad took. Then there is a picture of the four of them (Seth, Kylee, Bailee and Tyria) who went together that I took. To see all of the pictures (well, almost all of them) go to my Flickr page:


Sunday, May 3, 2009

I am Thankful for...

Or today, rather, PROUD OF... SETH! He has been in the newspaper on the front of the Sports Section of the Kingsport Times News once a week for the last three weeks! Yesterday, he was on the FRONT page of the paper AND on the front page of the Sports Section. He is ranked 3rd in the state for the 110m hurdles! The first photo I took at the Times-News Relays. The others I got online from


Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Creative Jacob

Well, he is at it again... Not that he ever really stopped. It is just with this creation in particular, he kept asking, "Will you put this on Etsy?" And look at those big brown eyes and cute little freckles on his nose! How could I say no to this crocheting cutie?! It is for sale in the gallery as well, until it finds a new home. Anyone looking to purchase a 7 year old's crocheted wearable work of art? I am so proud of him for sticking to this new craft and getting better and better at it! Click on the pictures to go to the product page, read details, and see more pictures!


The Basics

Michael and Talina Ripper met online and when they met in person, they knew they had found something special, a once in a lifetime love. Michael obtained BFAs in both Wood Design and Ceramics from ECU. Talina has always been a creative/artistic spirit, but has her BSN from ETSU and still works as an RN. Talina has three sons, Seth (17), Aaron (8), and Jacob (7). Michael and Talina have a son together, Quinn, who is 17 months. They are getting settled in their downtown loft just around the corner from Michael's studio and the gallery. Their dream of living their art is coming true!


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