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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sneak Peek at the Loft

We have been in almost two weeks now. It is so hard to believe. It has been a whirlwind, a flurry of activity, a ... okay, no more cliches. Let me just say that, running the gallery, filling orders from our Etsy shop, Michael getting studio time, taking care of Quinn, visiting daycares/preschools, working my "nurse" job full time, etc., has made it VERY difficult to get settled. We have continuously had workers in the loft as well, after we moved in, for problems with the master shower, both with the tile and the plumbing, building custom storage doors, painting, hanging mirrors, moving towel rods, hanging glass in the second bathroom, cleaning windows, etc., and that has left the loft a mess--a dusty, dirty MESS! We had the "final" walk-through today, more issues were addressed, so I don't think that the dusty work-boot-prints across the hardwood floors are going anywhere... BUT, Urban Synergy has been fantastic to work with! John, Angela, Stephen, and John Z., have done their absolute best to pull it all together (oops, another cliche) and make things just right for us. It is amazing... They are amazing. The loft is amazing. Obviously, thoughwe will be relieved when things are truly FINISHED throughout the building, so we can have a clean, relaxing home, a block away from the studio/gallery, and not be woke up every morning at 0700 to construction noise. I will show you one photo. A sneak peek at the kitchen, still a work in progress (as we still are missing our island), and mind you, you can't see the boxes on the floor or paintings leaning against the wall due to selective cropping of the photo. By the way, photography hanging above sink is by a fellow Etsian, Everyday Eros.


The Basics

Michael and Talina Ripper met online and when they met in person, they knew they had found something special, a once in a lifetime love. Michael obtained BFAs in both Wood Design and Ceramics from ECU. Talina has always been a creative/artistic spirit, but has her BSN from ETSU and still works as an RN. Talina has three sons, Seth (17), Aaron (8), and Jacob (7). Michael and Talina have a son together, Quinn, who is 17 months. They are getting settled in their downtown loft just around the corner from Michael's studio and the gallery. Their dream of living their art is coming true!


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